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Sky Pro® Information

Sky Pro®
Foam and cloth brush clean by making contact with windows and exterior, but not suitable for buildings with recesses more than 15cm.

With a rate of 10 meters per minute and the ability to clean up to 9,000 m² per hour the Sky Pro® system is suitable for high-rise buildings and offers up to 90% less labour costs.

Sky Pro® is available in standard 2m, 2.5m and 4m wide models

NOW AVAILABLE: Custom Sky Pro® for super skyscrapers over 70 storeys high

  • Single brush unit
  • Dual brush unit
  • Custom Sky Pro® units can be built to suit specific cleaning needs
  • Sky Pro® brush machines are available in remote control, self climbing models, or standard, with the lift motor mounted on the roof-top rigging.
  • Double brush units available for “stubborn” cleaning jobs.

Rigging Systems for the Sky Pro® unit:

  • Roof top outrigger with counter weights
  • Rolling parapet wall rigging unit (optional)

Parts Included:

Cleaning brush unit, rear mounted dual fans, variable speed motor, remote control of hoist motor, custom decals, balloon safety tires to protect building, 180 meters of steel tether cable, 180 meters of water hose, 180 meters of electrical cable, combination cloth and foam brush, water regulator valve, all nozzle, pipes, fittings and connectors, 2 year parts warranty.


Model Cleaning Path Width Weight Overall Width Electrical P.S.I. Needed Bldg Height Speed Water Usage
2,40 m 2,40 m 225-360 Kg 3,35 m 220 V, single or three phase City Water Pressure up to 70 floors 7,30-10,35 m/min 5-13 l/min
3,65 m 3,50 m 315-450 Kg 4,50 m 220 V, single or three phase City Water Pressure up to 70 floors 7,30-10,35 m/min 7-15 l/min



Sky Pro®
Window Cleaner

  • no scaffolds or lifts needed
  • remote controlled
  • fast, safe, easy!