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Sky Pro® Skydrowasher Information

Sky Pro® Skydrowasher is suitable for cleaning buildings with recesses or protrusions more than 15cm.

The ability to clean 1 meter away from the building is due to the combination of the high pressure 3000 PSI step-up water pump and the 2 turbo nozzles that are integrated in the system.

Sky Pro® Skydrowasher machine is available in standard 1.50cm and 2,75cm wide models for:

  1. Single Skydrowasher unit
  2. Dual Skydrowasher unit

Parts Included:

Sky Pro® Skydrowasher cleaning disc, custom roof top 3 arm outrigger, outrigger hoist motor to raise and lower Skydrowasher, custom decals, ground level ballast cart, 3000 psi step-up water pump, rear mounted fan, safety bumpers, 350 meters of high tensile nylon guideline, rear mounted guideline rack, 180 meters of steel tether cable, 180 meters of electrical cable, 180 meters of water hose, spray bar, 2 turbo nozzles, all connectors and pipes, water regulator valve, 2 year parts warranty.


Model Cleaning Path Width Weight Electrical P.S.I. Min/Max Bldg Height Speed Water Usage
1,50 m 1,20 m 68 Kg 220 V, single or three phase 900-2000 up to 50 floors 10,35 m/min 7-10 l/min
2,75 m 2,40 m 135 Kg 220 V, single or three phase 900-2000 up to 50 floors 10,35 m/min 15-20 l/min




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Sky Pro®
Window Cleaner

  • no scaffolds or lifts needed
  • remote controlled
  • fast, safe, easy!